School Naming Review

School Board Directive to the Superintendent

On October 25, 2018, the Albemarle County School Board directed the superintendent to:

  1. Add school division values to the criteria for naming school buildings and facilities.
  2. Review the names of all schools in the division named after individuals, taking into account how faithful those designations are to the values of our school division.
  3. Report recommendations to the school board for changing the names of schools that are inconsistent with our values.

Naming or Renaming Schools: General Provisions

First and foremost, the name of any school must be consistent with the school board’s current adopted vision, mission, goals and values. The board intends to involve students, teachers, and interested citizens that reflect the diversity of the school division in the process of naming or renaming schools.

Our Intentions


When we are faced with the renaming of a school, we have an opportunity to respond to a negative time in our past by embracing our values and bolstering a positive future for our children.


Ensure the process includes multiple methods of engagement (e.g., survey, community meetings, interpretation services, recordings, press releases, etc.).

Inclusion of All Voices

We are committed to conducting an inclusive process in which the school community feels welcome to participate and contribute ideas for their school’s new name.

Procedure for Renaming a School Facility

Step 1: Advisory Committee

Upon direction from the school board, the superintendent (or designee) shall form an advisory committee to conduct a review to determine whether a school should be renamed.

Step 2: Notify Relatives of the Individual (if applicable)

If a school named after an individual is subject to review, the committee shall make reasonable efforts to inform relatives of that individual and provide them with an opportunity to express opinions about the possible renaming of the school.

Step 3: Meetings & Recommendation

The committee shall proceed with meetings and activities in accordance with the process stipulated in Policy FA, Building and Naming Facilities, culminating with a recommendation to the superintendent.

Step 4: Recommendation to the School Board

Based on the committee’s findings and any additional information deemed appropriate, the superintendent shall present a recommendation to the school board.

Contact Us

To contact Albemarle County Public Schools regarding the naming or renaming of a school or the naming review process, please email