Transportation Practices, 2020-21

Albemarle County Public Schools has made some important changes to our transportation practices for the 2020-21 school year:

  1. To comply with social distancing requirements, school buses will carry far fewer students than usual. We understand that transporting your child to and from school may not be a possibility for your family, and we know that it will be an inconvenience for others. However, if you are able to transport your child, we encourage you to do so, as it will allow us to serve more students through in-person learning.
  2. Your child will be assigned to a bus route only if you indicate through the Return to School Intent Form that you need bus transportation.*
  3. If your transportation plans change after you submit the Return to School Intent Form, you will need to contact your child’s school to change your selections.
  4. If you request transportation within seven days before the start of school, we will be unable to add your child to a bus route for the first 15 days of school. If you request transportation after the school year starts, it can take up to 15 days to add your child to a bus route. During the waiting period, you will need to provide transportation for your child.*
  5. Students will not be permitted to board any bus other than the one to which they are assigned.
  6. A student will be removed from a bus route if they do not ride the bus for 10 consecutive school days, unless the family has communicated with their bus driver or Transportation Services about their situation.*
  7. School buses will only transport students from home to school and from school to home; buses will not make alternate stops.
  8. Students and family members waiting at bus stops, and students and staff who ride our buses, must observe health and safety protocols. We will issue guidance for families before the school year begins.

*These guidelines do not affect Students with Disabilities whose IEP requires transportation accommodations. Transportation Services will work with families and the Special Education Department to provide these accommodations.

Questions? Please call Transportation Services at 434-973-5716 with questions about transportation practices.