Clinic Visit Triage

Whenever possible, first aid situations should be handled by the student in the classroom to prevent office congregation and possible exposure. The goal is to keep otherwise healthy students out of the clinic where they can be exposed to illness.

In this scenario, students will, to the extent possible, provide self-care with staff direction and physical distancing. Students who are unable to follow self-care instructions due to age or developmental level will be sent to the nurse.

In preparation for this model, school staff will receive enhanced first aid training, and classrooms will be provided with a supply of gloves, band-aids, and other first aid essentials.

Clinic Visit or Classroom-Based Care

Teachers who are uncertain or need guidance about student care may contact the school nurse prior to sending a student to the clinic. Students should be triaged before they come to the clinic.

When students or staff who are feeling ill with potential COVID-19 symptoms arrive at the clinic, they will be immediately relocated to an isolation area so as not to “contaminate” the general clinic space.