Crozet/Brownsville Redistricting

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​​​The school division has experienced enrollment growth in the Crozet area. Brownsville and Crozet Elementary Schools are both currently overcrowded, and Brownsville Elementary currently utilizes 8 mobile classrooms on site. To address the overcrowding, an addition onto Crozet Elementary is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed for the 2022-23 school year. To utilize the additional seats and address overcrowding, the boundaries of Brownsville Elementary and Crozet Elementary must be redrawn.


The purpose of this study is to address current and projected overcrowding at Brownsville Elementary. The proposed scope of the study will involve Brownsville and Crozet Elementary Schools only.

Guiding Principles

  • Attendance areas will serve the district for at least 3-5 years with a goal of 5-7 years
  • Attendance areas will be largely contiguous
  • Walk areas for each school will be considered
  • Transportation routes will be as efficient as possible, giving consideration to minimizing ride times within acceptable parameters.
  • Neighborhoods will be assigned to the same school whenever possible.
  • Greater demographic balance amongst impacted schools will be strived for where feasible.
  • Grandfathering existing students will be considered by the Board on a study by study basis.

General Timeline

  • August 2021
    • School Board approves scope of study and directs Superintendent to convene committee and conduct study
    • Superintendent advertises and receives applications for the committee
  • September 2021
    • Superintendent appoints committee members and begins sharing information
    • Initial meeting of redistricting committee
  • October 2021
    • Committee meets two times to develop multiple redistricting scenarios
  • November 2021
    • Two community meetings held to share scenarios and receive feedback
  • December 2021
    • Committee meets to finalize recommendation to the Superintendent
    • Superintendent presents his recommendation to School Board
  • January 2022
    • School Board holds a public hearing
    • School Board votes on the Superintendent’s recommendation
  • February 2022 - August 2022
    • Families are notified and transition activities take place
  • 2022-23 School Year
    • New boundaries go into effect

Committee Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held virtually through the Zoom platform and can be live streamed here.

Live Stream Committee Meeting

» Download a PDF version of study presented to the School Board

» Download a PDF version of presentation given to the School Board

Committee Recommendation

In September, the Crozet/Brownsville Redistricting Committee began meeting with the goal of creating a redistricting scenario to address the overcrowding issues at both Brownsville and Crozet elementary schools once the construction of the addition to Crozet Elementary is complete in the 2022-23 school year.

After four committee meetings and two opportunities to hear public comment, the committee has created the following redistricting scenario to propose to Superintendent Dr. Matthew Haas:

Crozet Elementary Representatives

Rich Anderson
Lauren Carter
Cathryn Davis
Rupesh Silwal

Brownsville Elementary Representatives

Andrew Joyner
Christine Koenig
Jennifer Roper
Jojo O’Loughlin

Long Range Planning Advisory Committee Representative

Jerrod Smith

Equity and Diversity Committee Representative

Scott Guggenheimer

ACPS Support Staff

Patrick McLaughlin
Maya Kumazawa
Renee DeVall
Michele Castner
Phil Giaramita
Lauren Hunt
Stephanie Hall


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