Redistricting Advisory Committee

General Information About Redistricting

Redistricting Advisory Committee 2023-24

Facilities Planning

The Albemarle County School Board recognizes that only through effective long-range planning for enrollment can the school division be adequately prepared to meet the needs of its current and future student population. In order to assure such planning, the board has established procedures that provide for ongoing review, preparation, planning and recommendations from staff regarding enrollment trends and their resulting impact on facilities. In addition, the board will assure adequate opportunity for community involvement in reaction to staff recommendations prior to any final decisions made by the board.

The school board will act upon recommendations from the superintendent related to facilities, enrollment, long-range planning, and redistricting.

For more information about facilities planning, including redistricting, view School Board Policy FB.

Considerations for Redistricting

At the beginning of the redistricting process, the school board will identify and prioritize factors that it believes are of the highest priority for consideration in any deliberations concerning redistricting, which may include:

  • Enrollment projections
  • Location assessment
  • Ride time/travel distance
  • School capacities
  • New subdivisions
  • Cost
  • Anticipated construction
  • Established neighborhoods
  • Impact on feeder patterns
  • Student Diversity
  • Divided feeder patterns
  • Projected enrollment
  • Long-term solutions
  • Natural dividing points
  • Impact on students

Redistricting Advisory Committee

A Redistricting Advisory Committee will be convened when a new school is anticipated or as directed by the school board. The Committee will be comprised of citizens selected by the Superintendent from applications from school communities, a member of the Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee selected by other members, and a member of the Equity and Diversity Committee. The superintendent supervises and monitors the work of the Committee.

General Process

The Committee's charge will be to work in cooperation with staff to analyze relevant data and redistricting options to present to the superintendent. At that point, the superintendent will make a recommendation to the school board, complete with supporting documents, including all options provided by the Committee.

As part of its process, the Committee will schedule at least one public meeting to provide an opportunity for citizens to be informed of proposed changes and react to the proposals.

Committee meetings will be open to the public, and meeting minutes will be posted to the school division's website.