Portraits of a Division

Portrait of an ACPS Staff Member: Eva McGehee

“People don’t realize how critical of a role substitutes play in a school,” Eva McGehee said. “We’ll always need them and they’ll always be a part of the students’ education.”

Eva knows how important substitute teachers are, maybe more than anyone else as Substitute Coordinator, where she is the go-to person for all things substitute teachers in the ACPS Human Resources Department.

“My goal is to make sure that everything is correct in our systems and that everyone is properly trained so that our teachers and subs can really focus on their work in the classroom,” she said.

After working as a temporary employee with ACPS after graduating from Georgetown University, Eva came on board full-time as our Substitute Coordinator in March. Working in Human Resources wasn’t necessarily something she had planned for, but found that she really enjoyed the work she had been doing with the department.

“The people I work with are really wonderful and it's great to be in a new position that takes some responsibilities off other people in the department,” she said, “and I am looking forward to being able to grow and expand our substitute program.”

Eva said her main goal thus far has been to streamline the processes around getting substitutes into our systems and schools.

“I want to be able to provide schools with all of the competent and confident substitutes that they need.” 

Substitute teachers do more than most people realize, Eva said. Not only are they in the classroom to supervise the students present, but they need to make sure that any lesson plans or other instructions left by the teacher are completed to keep the class on track.

“There can be a lot of variation in the day-to-day for subs,” she said, “which makes it a great position for people who like to break up their daily work routine a little.”

When Eva isn’t recruiting substitutes, she likes to bake, ride her bike, or read. “My favorite thing to make is a birthday cake, what’s better than that?” 

And as a Fluvana native, she enjoys being close to home and her family, although there are some aspects of living in Washington, D.C., during college that she misses.

“I got really spoiled with all of the free museums there,” she said, “and it was a little easier to ride my bike in D.C. It’s so hilly here, and the hills are random and malicious.”

So, to combat the hills, she spent a lot of time floating down the Rivanna River this summer.

“There’s a rope swing into the river near my house, so I’d get in there and just make my way down to the next exit point,” she said.

But, as summer draws to a close, Eva is looking to fill out her Rolodex of substitutes for the upcoming school year. If you’re interested in becoming a substitute for ACPS, Eva said, it’s as easy as filling out an online application.

“We’re always looking for subs for our classrooms,” she said. “We really appreciate the different abilities and experiences our substitutes bring to the table.”