Portraits of a Division

Portrait of an ACPS Learner: Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell is on a roll, to say the least.

By attending ACPS’s Post High Program after graduating from Monticello High School, Thomas already has quite the résumé.

ACPS’s Post High program works with 18- to 22-year-old students with disabilities and works to support their transition from the traditional school setting to an adult life in the community. Students receive instruction in functional academics, home living skills, community activities, and employment according to an Individualized Education Plan.

Through this program, Thomas has volunteered at several different businesses around Charlottesville, including the Sleep Inn and ACAC, completing different tasks like folding sheets and towels and vacuuming.

Outside of school and work, Thomas enjoys playing basketball and soccer with his friends in an empty lot near his house. “There’s two special olympic sports I like to play,” Thomas said. “I do soccer. I’m the goalie of my soccer team. And in basketball I play defense.”

After his time at Post High, Thomas hopes he can work at Bojangles, for the proximity to his house and for having a friend nearby.

“My best friend Francisco works at Chick-Fil-A,” Thomas said. “So after work I can go see him there.”

And with Thomas’s dedication and know-how, we just know he will make that dream a reality.