Portraits of a Division

Here at ACPS, we know just how great our students and staff are and have decided to share that knowledge with our community. With our Portraits of a Division series, we aim to highlight students and staff on a frequent basis to show just how awesome our school community is. Below you will find the most recent portrait. For older portraits, see our archive at the bottom of the page.

Portrait of an ACPS Student: Kamirra Scott-Rogers

At Scottsville Elementary School, the motto is “Many tigers, one roar.” But, to some teachers at Scottsville Elementary, there’s one lion who stands out.

Fifth grader Kamirra Scott-Rogers is described by her teachers as a student who “embodies so many wonderful leadership qualities and is looked up to by peers.” It’s clear that Kamirra is wise beyond her years, and these qualities seem to come naturally to her.

While reading may be her favorite subject in school, making sure that her school community remains close-knit and happy is one of her top priorities. And as the second youngest of seven children spanning their mid-twenties to the second grade, Kamirra is no stranger to helping people find their spot within their peer groups and making sure they feel comfortable there.

“I just like to check in with my friends and make sure they’re OK when I see that they’re sad or upset,” Kamirra said. “It’s a way to show kindness to other people.”

She hopes to use her gifts of kindness and empathy to be a nurse when she grows up. “I like to help people and we need more nurses in life,” she said.

But for now, Kamirra is focusing on being a good student and maybe becoming a student athlete. During breaks in her school day and at the Boys & Girls Club after school, she’s been picking up a volleyball and learning the game.

“The thing I’m most excited about for middle school is being able to try out for volleyball,” she said. The chance to meet new people and make new friends is exciting, too, she said.

“I’ll still be able to see a lot of my old friends from this year, but it will be fun to get to know different people who aren’t here at Scottsville.”

As a fifth grader, Kamirra has learned a thing or two about how to navigate elementary school and has a few words of wisdom for new students who may be nervous about entering school for the first time.

“Don’t be afraid to go to school,” she said. “Everyone has to have a first day! I came here in kindergarten and made a bunch of friends on my first day.”

And she adds: “If someone tries to bully you, I’ve got your back.”