Putting the Big Ideas of the Framework for Quality of Learning to Work

The primary purpose of the Framework for Quality Learning is to guide educators as they ensure all students learn that which is necessary to be successful in school and in life. The Framework for Quality Learning enables and empowers us to meet the goals of the Division's Strategic Plan, particularly Goals 1 and 2:

Goal 1: Prepare all students to succeed as members of a global community.
Goal 2: Eliminate the achievement gap.

Teachers work concurrently toward both goals as they use the Framework for Quality Learning to design and execute curriculum, assessment, and instruction. Our vision, mission, and goals demand a plan for rigorous and relevant learning by all students. The best of plans will fail if executed in the absence of relationships, people-to-people, lesson-to-lesson, or year-to-year.

Looking Back and Ahead

"Please invest in me," says the student.
Once they agree, teachers are guided by three assumptions:

  1. Because I see your value, I will connect with you.
  2. Because I see your uniqueness, I will come to you on your own terms and in accordance with your own needs.
  3. Because teaching is part of connecting, I will honor you by teaching you what matters most in your life.

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