Assessment Analysis, Communication, and Feedback

Item Analysis

Although time consuming, a detailed item analysis reveals helpful information about students as well as assessments. Strategies to analyze a selected response assessment are described below.


In order for student assessment information to improve curriculum, instruction, and student learning, accurate analysis of assessment results must be followed by feedback to the student and teacher. In Classroom Instruction that Works, Marzano (date) identified four generalizations to guide the effective use of feedback. Feedback that positively impacts student learning is:

  • criterion-referenced
  • related to specific knowledge and skills
  • student-centered, student-involved
  • timely with additional opportunities to perform

Feedback at the beginning, during, and at the end of the instructional process are all necessary to provide students the best learning opportunities.

Student Involved in Assessment

Student involvement in assessment is key to unlocking the potential of assessment as a learning tool. Below are questions to consider while planning to include students in assessing their learning.