ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard, 2021-22

Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) continues to actively track COVID-19 cases across our school division. The data presented on this page reflects the current 2021-22 school year, beginning July 1, 2021. To view COVID-19 data for the previous school year, visit our 2020-21 ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard.

The ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard is updated every school day.

Confirmed Cases, 2021-22

Cases Over Time

The following chart shows division-wide totals of confirmed COVID-19 cases by week.

*Confirmed cases include only students and staff who are learning or working in person.

Total Cases by Physical Location

The following chart documents total confirmed COVID-19 cases by physical location (school or department office). Locations are added to the chart only when a case has been confirmed among a student, staff member, or contractor learning or working at that site.

*Confirmed cases include only students and staff who are learning or working in person.

Full COVID-19 Dashboard

*Confirmed cases include only students and staff who are learning or working in person. Cases are documented by date of confirmation and by location. Staff who physically work in multiple locations are identified by the department office they serve.

Quarantines, 2021-22

*UPDATE* Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, school nurses and designated infection control team members have been conducting contact tracing to identify students and staff who have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. As a part of that process, ACPS recorded the number of students and staff who were required to quarantine (stay home) due to a possible exposure to COVID-19 at school or work, as well as the dates of quarantine for each student and staff member.

Per guidance offered by the Virginia Department of Health in January 2022, schools are no longer required to conduct contact tracing for every individual case of COVID-19. In February 2022, our local health department shifted its efforts from investigating every case of COVID-19 to following up on outbreaks and cases in high-risk settings. Likewise, effective Friday, April 1, 2022, ACPS will no longer routinely conduct contact tracing for each case of COVID-19 diagnosed among our students and staff. Instead, we will limit our contact tracing efforts to situations involving an outbreak or sustained transmission from person to person to person in a school or department.

As a result of this shift, ACPS will no longer update its Quarantine Dashboard after Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Full Quarantine Dashboard

(July 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022)

*Students identified in the “Student Athletes” column were quarantined due to exposure during an athletic practice or game.

Outbreaks, 2021-22

An outbreak is defined as two or more cases linked by a common exposure at school or work. Since ACPS began tracking COVID-19 cases in August 2020, we have experienced a total of eight COVID-19 outbreaks.

Active Outbreaks by Physical Location

The table below details current outbreaks across ACPS facilities. An outbreak is considered "active" for 28 days (two incubation periods) following symptom onset.

The Virginia Department of Health maintains a public-facing COVID-19 Outbreaks by Selected Exposure Settings dashboard. Using the table embedded at the bottom of that page, users can select "K-12" under "Facility Type" to view outbreak data for public and private K-12 schools across the state.

COVID-19 data specific to our region (including Charlottesville City and the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa and Nelson) is available through the Blue Ridge Health District COVID-19 Data Portal.