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ACPS is an established district partner with DonorsChoose a national nonprofit that engages the public in public schools. Teachers create classroom project requests that are fulfilled by generous citizen donors.

All projects should be principal approved and adhere to ACPS regulations and guidelines.

Please view an introductory training video produced by ACPS Family Council and the Office of Community Engagement.

Standard Operating Procedures “Donors Choose” Partnership 

1. Background. In 2023, the ACPS partnered with DonorsChoose, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to “make it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need.” Through our partnership with Donors Choose, teachers and staff have the ability to post requests for classroom resources. Policy KJA, Crowdfunding, regulates and establishes parameters for use of crowdfunding campaigns for ACPS purposes. This partnership provides a platform for teachers to request resources rather than “crowdfunding” for monetary contributions. 

2. Procedures for Use. 

  1. All employees may use the “Donors Choose” website. 

  2. In order to submit a request to be posted on the ACPS “Donors Choose” website, teachers and staff must first submit the “Crowdfunding Request Form” found in policy KJA to the school principal or department head. 

  3. Teachers/staff should then sign-in or sign-up on the Donors Choose website

Once the principal or department head approves, the teacher may create the project request on the Donors Choose website ACPS Donors Choose

Sample DonorsChooose Projects