Our Division

General Information

  • Address: 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902
  • Phone: 434-296-5820
  • Superintendent: Dr. Matthew S. Haas
  • Region: 5
  • Virginia School Quality Profile: Albemarle County Public Schools

Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) serves nearly 14,000 students in preschool through 12th grade in Albemarle County, Virginia, the sixth largest county by area in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A diverse locality of 726 square miles in the heart of Central Virginia, Albemarle County is a blend of primarily rural, but also suburban and urban settings.

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Strategic Plan: Learning for All

Strategic Plan: Learning for All


Our learners are engaged in authentic, challenging, and relevant learning experiences, becoming lifelong contributors and leaders in our dynamic and diverse society.


Working together as a team, we will end the predictive value of race, class, gender, and special capacities for our children’s success through high-quality teaching and learning for all. We seek to build relationships with families and communities to ensure that every student succeeds.

We will know every student.

  • Equity
  • Excellence
  • Family and Community
  • Wellness
  1. Thriving Students
  2. Affirming and Empowering Communities
  3. Equitable, Transformative Resources

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Our Schools

  • 15 elementary schools (PK-5)
  • 5 middle schools (6-8)
  • 3 high schools (9-12)
  • 1 community charter school (6-12)
  • 14 Career Learning Communities (10-12)
  • 3 high school academies (9-12)
  • 1 education center specializing in short-term intervention (6-12)
  • 1 special education center designed to support the transition from school to adult life (serves students aged 18-22)
  • 1 regional center serving special education students (K-12)
  • 1 regional center serving students with emotional and behavioral disabilities (K-12)

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Virginia School Quality Profile

For every school division and school in the Commonwealth, the Virginia Department of Education provides a School Quality Profile containing information about student achievement, college and career readiness, program completion, school safety, teacher quality, and other topics of interest to parents and the general public.

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Our Employees

2,792 Total Employees:
  • 1,407 Teachers
  • 181 Administrators
  • 1,204 Classified Staff

Teachers include classroom teachers, speech pathologists, school counselors, instructional coaches, and librarians. Administrators include principals, assistant principals, central office leaders, and other exempt personnel at or above pay grade 18. Classified Staff include all non-teacher and non-administrative positions, such as teaching assistants, bus drivers, custodians, food service associates, human resources specialists, office associates, and other support staff.

Employee Spotlight:
  • 24% of our employees are people of color.
  • 64% of our employees live in Albemarle County, 12% live in Charlottesville City, and the remaining 24% live in surrounding counties.
  • 69% of our teachers have at least a master’s degree.
  • New Hires: 609 (October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023)
  • Average Age: 45
  • Average Years of Service: 8
  • Teacher Retention Rate: 88.1%

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Our Students

Student Enrollment (as of Sept. 30, 2023)
  • Total Students, PK-12: 13,821
  • Students with Disabilities: 13.0% (1,797 students)
  • Economically Disadvantaged: 30.4% (4,202 students)
  • English Learners: 11.9% (1,645 students)
International Diversity of Our Students, Fall 2023
  • Countries of Origin: 100
  • Home Languages Spoken: 76
Advanced Program Information
  2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Advanced Placement (AP) Test Taken 10.09% 24.75% 16.22%
AP Course Enrollment 39.87% 35.33% 21.84%
Dual Enrollment 22.76% 21.76% 23.13%
International Baccalaureate (IB) Course Enrollment 0.27%

Our Graduates: Class of 2023

Diplomas & Completion
  Division State
Students Earning Advanced Diplomas 63.8% 51.5%
Four-Year Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate 94.0% 91.9%
Dropout Rate 4.2% 5.4%

Continuing Education Plans (Self-Reported)
  # of Graduates % of Graduates
4-Year College 629 56.6%
2-Year College 200 18.0%
Other Educational Plans 55 4.9%
Military 7 0.6%
Employment 202 18.2%
Undecided 19 1.7%

Data Spotlight

  • Average number of meals served daily: 1,900 breakfasts and 5,700 lunches
  • School bus miles traveled daily: 9,404
  • Average Class Size (Source: 2023-24 Class Size Report)
    • Elementary – 18.1
    • Middle – 20.0
    • High – 20.4
  • Student-to-Computer Ratio:
    • 1:1 with tablets for grades K-2
    • 1:1 with laptops for grades 3-12
  • Children served by our Families in Crisis (Homeless) Program, 2022-23: 280 (including 155 K-12 ACPS students)

Adopted Budget Snapshot

  2021-22 2022-23 2023-24
Operating Budget $211,246,077 $246,458,034 $259,922,224
Per Pupil Expenses $15,040 $18,058 $18,943

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Superintendent's Cabinet

Matthew Haas

Dr. Matthew S. Haas
Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Chandra Hayes (2023)

Dr. Chandra Hayes
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Dr. Clare Keiser

Dr. Clare Keiser
Assistant Superintendent for Organizational Development

Daphne Keiser

Dr. Daphne Keiser
Assistant Superintendent for School Community Engagement

Dr. Patrick McLaughlin

Dr. Patrick McLaughlin
Assistant Superintendent for Strategic Planning

Rosalyn Schmitt

Rosalyn Schmitt
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Christine Diggs

Dr. Christine Diggs
Chief Technology Officer

Helen Dunn

Dr. Helen Dunn
Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Officer

Josiah Black

Josiah Black
School Division Counsel

Superintendent History

  • Dr. ​Matthew S. Haas
  • Dr. ​Pamela R. Moran
  • Dr. Kevin C. Castner
  • Dr. Robert W. Paskel
  • Dr. N. Andrew Overstreet
  • Carlos Gutierrez
  • Dr. Clarence S. McClure
  • Leslie H. Walton
  • Paul H. Cale
  • Claude Graham
  • A. L. Bennett
  • A. F. Robertson
  • A. L. Bennett
  • Howard N. McManaway
  • Joseph W. Everett
  • P. W. Nelson
  • ​​Isaac R. Barksdale
  • Davis P. Powers
  • L. A. Michie
  • Davis P. Powers

About Our Logo


The Albemarle County Public Schools logo reflects our role as a leader in learning and a partner in the successful education of our community’s children. The pages of an open book and the unlimited potential of all of our students inspired the logo’s three vibrant tiers. The three tiers rise ever higher representing our dynamic elementary, middle and high schools, and the progress of each student toward a future of lifelong learning. The colors of the logo—red, green and blue—can be combined to create any of the visible colors of the universe. This color scheme celebrates the diversity of our students, our schools, and our community.