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ACPS Bus Safety

Please watch our new video about safety boarding and riding ACPS School buses.

Albemarle County Public Schools Transportation Services seeks to add value to the overall educational experience of our students by providing appropriate, safe, and efficient transportation that meets the needs of our students.

Transportation views parents and guardians as our partners, and we look forward to working with you to provide opportunities for your child’s educational endeavors to be successful.

The links below provide information regarding student safety rules and procedures for the transportation process.

Pre-K - 5 Afternoon Bus Stop Supervision

Albemarle County Public Schools Transportation allows parents to choose supervision requirements for children in grades 1-5 (either yes or no). Pre-K and Kindergarten students must have supervision, meaning someone must take them to and from the bus stop. This person should be of at least middle school age and should not be another student riding the bus. Middle school and high school students do not require supervision. Because children mature at different ages and several factors influence whether or not it is safe to leave children home alone, the parent ultimately decides if and when their child can be left home alone or escorted to and from the bus stop.

Please contact the Office Associate at your child’s school to update PM bus stop supervision information. If your student requires supervision, a maximum of three (3) names may be entered into PowerSchool. This may not be an older student riding the bus for Kindergarten and Pre-K students. It may be an older elementary student for first through fifth grade students requiring supervision. If one of the three listed on the school bus manifest is not able to pick up the student that day, simply call your school and ask for a bus pass. This will notify the driver of the change.  If a student goes home with another student (space permitting), the supervision status of the host student will be followed unless indicated otherwise on a bus pass.  Parents are responsible for notifying the school of the supervision status in this situation.

Alternate Pick-up/Drop-off Location

To request an alternate bus pick-up/drop-off please fill out the form below in its entirety and submit to the school’s front office. School staff will inform of approval or non-approval. The process of assigning and approval normally will take up to 5 schools days and the form must be renewed annually. At the beginning of the school year, assignment and approval may take up to 15 school days due to the need to evaluate the capacity of alternate buses and the availability of a bus route at the desired alternate stop.

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