WeVideo is ACPS’ preferred easy-to-use video editor for instructional staff and 3rd-12th grade students. To get started, log in to ClassLink and look for the WeVideo icon on your LaunchPad!

In addition to video editing, WeVideo also has the following features:

  • Web browser based, no download required
  • Ability to set up a classroom, add students, create assignments
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Live, in-video teacher-feedback tools
  • Schoology-integration for grade passback
  • Content library (stills, audio, video)
  • Assignment idea library (sortable by grade & subject, aligned to ISTE Standards)
  • Templates

Reach out to your LTI to explore project-based ideas for your classroom:

More professional development resources will be coming soon, keep an eye on the Professional Learning Management System (PLMS)!

Support Resources

Have questions or need additional support? Please email your LTI or learningtech@k12albemarle.org