Welcome to Albemarle County Public Schools!

There are many technology resources available to the Albemarle County Public Schools community. The Department of Technology has created this page to help you get oriented and off on the right foot.

With this page, you can:

  • Get an overview of the Department of Technology and the services provided
  • Identify the various applications available to use in your role with ACPS
  • Familiarize yourself with some common technology tasks
  • Learn how to get support and more information

Step One: Watch the Welcome Video

ACPS login credentials are required to view this video.

Step Two: Take Action

Reflect on your teaching and on your classroom. Pick the tasks that jump out at you so you can be ready for the first day of school. Check out the More Information section below for some guidance and remember to reach out to your Learning Technology Integrator if you’d like some help with these tasks. 

  • Open up our Laptop Setup Guide to customize your email, browsers and more. ACPS login credentials are required for this step.
  • Find PowerTeacher and login. This is where you’ll take attendance, share grades and find information about your student/schedule.
  • Locate your Learning Management System. (Pssst. There’s already a shortcut on your preferred browser) 
  • Visit this support page and learn more about Illuminate, the division's assessment platform.
  • Enroll in the password reset tool. (Hint: It’s going to be a HUGE help in the future!) 
  • Put the Service Desk phone number in your contacts. If you find yourself in a pinch with technology, you’ll want to have this handy. 
  • Sign up for the ACPS Electronic School Notification System (ESNS). Doing so will allow you to get weather closure notification, school event notifications and more sent directly to your phone and/or email.

Step Three: Learn More