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Common Sense Media

Albemarle County Public Schools recommends Common Sense Media® as an ongoing digital support for parents to research, explore, and learn about how to best support children in their responsible, ethical, effective, and safe use of technology and media. 

Three key parent and guardian resources found on the Common Sense website are highlighted below:

  1. Parent Concerns Page: guidelines for handling digital dilemmas around topics such as Screen Time, Cyberbullying, Privacy and Internet Safety, popular social media tools like Instagram, Learning with Technology, and Special Needs and Learning Difficulties.
  2. Essential Apps Guide: a great resource geared towards assisting parents and guardians with gauging the learning, safety, and fun value of educational apps and games.
  3. Parent Blog: includes tips and articles about online behavior, technology reviews, and other trending topics.
  4. En Español: te ayudamos a manejar la tecnología en la vida de tus hijos.

Developing a Family Media Plan

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides resources and recommendations for building a customized media plan that best suits your family. Use the resources below to help you get started:

Plans & Policies