Records Management


Albemarle County Public Schools maintains all permanent academic records in accordance with the State Board of Education’s regulations and guidelines, the Code of Virginia, and the Records Management Division of the Library of Virginia, which manages the retention and destruction of all public agency records. Certain records, including Special Education records, have a retention period of five years after the student moves to another school district, graduates, or (for special education records) stops receiving special education services. ACPS will shred, in accordance with the Library of Virginia Schedule GS-21 disposition method, those expired records that are no longer educationally useful at the end of the five-year period. If parents wish to review and/or have a copy of this data, they must contact the individual schools before the end of the retention period. This will constitute notice and no further notification will be given at the end of the five years.


Effective records management is beneficial in many ways, such as: better use of physical and server space; better use of staff time; improved control of valuable information resources; compliance with legislation and standards; and reduced costs. The Library of Virginia has established guidelines and procedures for the retention and timely destruction of all public records. It is responsible for ensuring that public records are maintained and available throughout their life cycle.

Developing good records management practices is key in addressing state requirements for managing records. It begins with filing only what you need to file, filing it in a way that eases access and disposition, and doing it consistently. An effective records management program facilitates adherence to information retention requirements and ensures a smooth transition from record creation to record destruction.

The purpose of the Albemarle County Public Schools Records Management Program is to:

  • ensure that Virginia's records retention requirements are fulfilled;
  • provide for the legal and efficient disposal of ACPS records after the retention period has expired; and
  • preserve permanent (archival) records of enduring administrative, legal and/or historical value.

It is the intention of ACPS Records Management to provide leadership and direction for the effective retention and management of WPS records. These guidelines will assist you with managing your records through all stages of the records' lifecycle, including records maintenance, storage and disposal.