Student Services

The Department of Student Services focuses its expertise and efforts on the safety and security of students, staff and community within the context of Albemarle County Public Schools. While this sounds like an awesome responsibility, much less task, it is not done in isolation. Quite the contrary. The Department of Student Services can only effectively operate through the cooperation of staff, parents and community to be successful in creating the conditions for the optimal learning environment for children and adults.    

Should you have any questions comments or concerns you can contact the department at

Albemarle County Public Schools
401 McIntire Rd. Room 323
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 296-5885

Kevin M. Kirst
Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services

CHANGE OF VENUE or TRANSFER REQUESTSThis following information is designed to address the desire of a parent to request a "change of venue", "student transfer" or, for "permission for my child to attend a school that is different than the one they are expected to go to". For more detailed information about this process, electronic application and timelines please click here.

TITLE IX: Discrimination / Harassment on the Basis of GenderThis following information is designed to assist employees or students or their parent / guardian to report what they believe to be a violation of Title IX. For more the written template to submit a report a Title IX violation, and/or for more information, please click here

Internal-Only Information
This page contains links and documents for staff.