Student Services

The Department of Student Services focuses its expertise and efforts on serving our community within the context of Albemarle County Public Schools. The Department of Student Services supports school administration, staff, families and students by collaboratively creating conditions for the optimal learning environments with those we serve. Our work is focused on building strong school communities through targeted mental and physical health supports and services. Our work continues through the promotion healthy relationships, creating need fulfilling environments and utilizing restorative practices when members of our community face challenges when working to be the best person they set out to be. 

Should you have any questions comments or concerns you can contact the department at:

Albemarle County Public Schools
401 McIntire Rd. Room 323
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 296-5820

Eileen Gomez
Coordinator of Nursing and Health Services

Miles Neslon
Coordinator of Mental Health and Wellness
Kevin M. Kirst
Executive Director of Student Services


School Health and Nursing Services

Hand Chooses Health Symbols

Information about health related school enrollment requirements, vaccinations, proceedures for various illnesses and information about health related policies and proceedures utilized by school nurses and staff in our schools. 

Mental Health and Support Services

Caring Hands

Information and resources from within our school communities as well as available supports outside of our schools within our larger communities that may address the physical and mental health needs of families, children and staff. 

Discipline and Restorative Work

Team Silhouette

Information about student rights and responsibilities, guidance for school on how to respond to behaviors in the schools as well as direction for families and staff to utilize in order to support restorative practices in our school communities.