Parent Representatives

Following is a list of parent representatives for the Special Education Advisory Committee for the 23 - 24 School Year.

The SEAC Application is closed for the 23 - 24 Year.

Member Name              School E-mail Address
Erin Kurtz
Perri Sales
Agnor-Hurt Elementary Elementary

Amanda Vogel
Alex Silverman
Baker Butler Elementary

Sierra Missig

Broadus Wood Elementary

Kelly Altizer*
Christopher Seaman***

Brownsville Elementary

Lauren Downie
Christian Simmers

Crozet Elementary

Jennifer Thompson

Greer Elementary
Joyce Cooper
Lisa Bushey
Hollymead Elementary
Jessica Allen*
Tracy Magee
Ivy Elementary
Jaclyn Jacobson
Caitlin Foley

Mountain View Elementary
Michael Wagner
Jen Turner Warren
Murray Elementary

Caitlin Thompson

Red Hill Elementary
Dee Curry Scottsville Elementary
Jennifer Beard** Stony Point Elementary
Emily Smith
Kim Jacobson
Stone-Robinson Elementary

Katie Richard

Woodbrook Elementary
Jennifer Underwood

Burley Middle School
Nicole T. Group Community Lab School
Kim Dean Henley Middle School
Kate Gariepy

Journey Middle School
Kendra Meiklejohn Lakeside Middle School
Melanie Brittingham

Walton Middle School

Cate Hudtloff

Albemarle High School
Sean Lyons

Monticello High School

Contact Community Rep noted below with a &

Western Albemarle High School


Betsey Soulsby
Tanya Evans

Elia Ramirez
Nora Scheer
Laura DeNunzio&

Community Representatives

 Katherine Jenkins Post High

*** Secretary


*Indicates schools without a formal representative: please contact the Chair at with any concerns.
Revised: 11/15/23