Parent Representatives

Following is a list of parent representatives for the Special Education Advisory Committee for the 20-21 School Year.
This list is being constructed now for 21-22 and will be finalized on October 1. 

Opportunitites to serve as a school representative are OPEN for the 22-23 School Year.
An opportunity to serve as a school representative on SEAC is open - click here to apply or call (434)296-5885. 

Member Name              School E-mail Address
Jaronda Miller-Bryant
Laura Strauss
Agnor-Hurt Elementary Elementary
Rebecca M. Silverman
Amy Winegar
Baker Butler Elementary

Mikhal Mcpherson Salzberg
Anna Di Gregory

Brownsville Elementary

Kayla Allen
Tammy Gouldsmith
Crozet Elementary
Joyce Cooper Hollymead Elementary
Jessica Allen Meriwether-Lewis Elementary
Michael Wagner
Joanna O'Brien
Murray Elementary
Cori Melvin Scottsville Elementary
Jennifer Beard Stony Point Elementary
Moira O'Neill Stone-Robinson Elementary
**Nicole T. Group Community Lab School
Alice Fox
Barbara Molloy
Henley Middle School
**Cate Hudtloff Lakeside Middle School
Irene Krone Albemarle High School

Stephanie Hicks
Julie McKnight 

Western Albemarle High School

Mary Margaret Hughes
John Wilson
Betsey Soulsby
Allison Kretlow



Revised and Finalized: 10/01/21