Parent Resources

This page is for parents of children with disabilities or for those who suspect their child may have a disability.

Do you Suspect your child has a disability?

If your child is: Refer to the following instructions
Preschool Age (ages 2-5) Call the Preschool Program at 434-973-2490
School Age (Ages5-21) and attends Albemarle County Public Schools Call the Albemarle County Public School your child attends. Click here for a listing of our schools
School Age (Age 5-21) and is in a private or Home School Program Call 434-296-5885 and ask to speak with the School Based Intervention Team Chairperson


Need Additional Information?

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Your Family's Special Education Rights

Virginia's Procedural Safeguards Notice


Virginia's Procedural Safeguards Notice Virginia Department of Education
Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Albemarle County's advisory committee composed primarily of parents that explore and report to the School Board the needs of our special education programs. Albemarle County Public Schools
Virginia Family: Special Education Connections ​The goal of this website is to provide a one-stop-shop for parents, families and caregivers of children with special needs ​Virginia Department of Education
Parent Resource Center and Piedmont Regional Education Program A resource for parents, teachers, and community with regard to children with special needs Piedmont Regional Education Program (PREP)
Resources for Children in Private or Home School Programs Web page for parents of children with disabilities who have enrolled them in Private or Home School Programs Albemarle County Public Schools
Home Instruction in Virginia The Virginia Department of Education's guide for Parents explaining the requirements for parents interested in home schooling their children Virginia Department of Education