Professional Learning Communities


In ACPS, we believe that teachers who meet on a regular basis to discuss and modify instructional practices based on student data will eliminate gaps in student achievement. Teachers who learn together grow together as lifelong learners and professionals.

In the spring of 2015, we designed a workshop and this website to support what we want our teachers to Know, Understand, and Be Able to Do with their own PLCs:

Know about PL​C

  • Key Points of PLC model.  

  • Effective teams:

    • regularly read and assess student work

    • revise curriculum and lesson plans

    • study collectively (lesson study, book study)

Understand about PLC

  • How PLCs differ from grade level meetings

  • Roles and responsibilities of members

  • How administrators can/ support

Be able to Do at PLC

  • Norm / get to know the team

  • Study student (Assessment) data

  • Make decisions based on the data analysis

  • Plan for instruction through ACPS curriculum​