Resources about Instructional Coaching

ACPS Model Assumptions

Coaching in ACPS is based on the assumptions that coaches:

  1. Support dynamic implementation and continuous improvement of FQL, TPA, PLC, and best teaching and learning practices.
  2. Influence teaching practices in individual classrooms.
  3. Engages and facilitates teachers around learning.
  4. Support investment in school-based changes/development
  5. Are school-based and centrally-managed
  6. Support vertical/horizontal communications within a school
  7. Use an in-school and cross-school collaborative team-centered approach.

Support for ACPS Coaches includes: a New Coach Induction (first year), bi-monthly Instructional  Coach PLC ("ICPLC") meetings, weekly cluster meetings, opportunities for co-coaching, time for goal-setting/reflection, quarterly observation(s) by Lead Coach.

Articles and Presentations About ACPS Coaching

General Coaching Frameworks

Support of Novice Teachers

Support of Technology Integration

  • ITRT Handbook This link is for the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Guidelines, published by the Virginia Department of Education.
  • ISTE Standards for Coaches  This website by the International Society for Technology in Education describes the skills and knowledge coaches need to support their peers in becoming digital age educators.