World Languages Curriculum

The World Languages Curriculum fosters fluency in the target language through a deep cultural understanding of communities that use the language throughout the world.

Our curriculum is collaboratively developed by teachers and draws from cultural themes in the advanced placement course framework. These themes serve as points of departure for a comparative understanding of language and spiral throughout the five levels of world languages, such that students are introduced to themes like family and art in the early levels and explore others such as global challenges and citizenship in the higher levels.

Teachers differentiate instruction based on the proficiency that students bring with them to each level. Students who complete five levels of world language in Albemarle County Public Schools are poised to take full advantage of economic, civic, and social opportunities in a multilingual, multicultural global society.

Please refer to the following PDFs for detailed curriculum references for Modern World Languages levels I-IV.

Lauren MacLean
Assistant Director of ESOL, World Languages & Home School
​(434) 296-6517