World Languages

​“If you can speak another language, you open a window​ to a beautiful world. Each culture has so many precious things that you don’t think about until you know that language.”An Albemarle County parent and visiting scholar from China

We believe that languages are at the heart of what makes us human: expressing thoughts and ideas, making new friends, and learning about the world. Learning other languages not only helps our students to meet new people and explore new places, but being multilingual improves attention, creativity, problem solving, self-control, and organization.

In Albemarle County Public Schools, we want our students to learn and use languages in order to:

  • ​Acquire communication skills with/across multiple languages
  • Expand cultural understanding and responsiveness
  • Connect with others/other disciplines
  • Develop a global perspective and become a contributing member of the global community

Students in Albemarle County have the opportunity to study French, German, Latin, and/or Spanish. For more specific information, see the Language Offerings and World Languages Curriculum sections of our website.

Lauren MacLean
Assistant Director of ESOL, World Languages & Home School
​(434) 296-6517