Websites for Reading Fun!

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For pre-readers (in English and Spanish)

For younger readers: -interact with stories online, and fine similar ones in your local library

http// -This site makes reading frun through songs, jokes, and animated books

For Most: -International Children's Library-free books online! -Free Children's audio books in English and World Languages -Where children have fun learning to read -Online books with audio files (Espanol tambien) -Where celebrities read books to you -Where children can play games on their favorite shows -Illustrated stories for children of all ages -A free reading motivation program for children in grades K-8

Family Fun: -An interactive site for adults and children do together! -Read all about your favorite authors from their very own websites -This site is for children, parents and teachers looking for content and practice activities in the reading -This site has links to dozens of games and online books

En Espanol:

Colorín Colorado ( ) es un sitio Web bilingüe que provee información, actividades y consejos sobre cómo ayudar a sus niños a que aprendan a leer y tengan éxito en la escuela.

This website charges a fee, but is worth it for younger readers ($44 a year) (Espanol tambien)

Songs for Children 

Poetry for Children

Folk Songs and Songs of America