Social Studies Inquiries & Locally Awarded Verified Credit (LAVC) Process

In all K-12 Social Studies courses, we believe in increasing rigor and relevance by teaching through inquiry that invites students to consider compelling questions and develop informed, evidence-based claims.

In all core ACPS K-12 Social Studies courses, all students will participate in at least three inquiry-based units. Each unit ends with a performance assessment that asks students to answer the unit’s compelling question and justify their response with evidence from a series of primary and secondary sources.

In order to receive verified credit for high school Social Studies classes, students typically must pass the course and a corresponding SOL assessment. In Social Studies courses, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has given school divisions the option of implementing a series of inquiry-based units with corresponding performance tasks alongside regular classroom assessments. This new verified credit process applies to World Geography (grade 9), World History to 1500 (grade 9), World History 1500-Present (grade 10), and Virginia & United States History (grade 11). Students must verify at least one of these courses for graduation requirements.

The rubrics for each grade level are linked here

In grades 6-12, students' score on the Core Expectations part of the rubric will appear in PowerSchool as a traditional grade. The conversion chart below shows how a 4, 3, 2, 1, not observed, and 0 (missing) will appear in the PowerSchool gradebook as a traditional grade:

Not attempted = MISSING (will convert to a 50%)
Not observed = 60%
1 = 65%
2 = 75%
3 = 85%
4 = 100%