Social Studies


All students use their knowledge and understandings about their communities, nation, and world to take informed civic action.


To develop active and engaged justice-oriented citizens for the 21st century who contribute positively to their communities and our democracy.

Student Outcomes

A multifaceted Social Studies program results in students with the capacity to:

  • Analyze primary and secondary sources in order to reconstruct narratives about the past and present.
  • Make informed, evidence-based claims.
  • Develop and recognize cogent and complex arguments.
  • Conduct research with balance and depth.
  • Evaluate sources for purpose, bias, and accuracy.
  • Communicate effectively in a range of formats.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Take informed action.
  • Solve increasingly complex problems.
  • Engage with their communities and the world as justice-oriented citizens.

Neeley Minton, Social Studies Lead Coach (K-12)
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