SBIT Process and Concept

School Based Intervention Teams

The School Based Intervention Team project was first developed in 1994 by the Syracuse (NY) City School District. The New York State Education Department has recognized the SBIT project as an exemplary program for training schools to run effective pre-referral intervention teams.

Like Albemarle County Public Schools, a number of other school districts in New York State and around the nation have adopted the SBIT problem-solving model for their own students.

School Based Intervention Teams are just that - a group of professionals based at each Albemarle County School dedicated to addressing issues related to student achievement that require more attention than the informal networking at each school can provide. School Based Intervention Teams provide a vehicle for teachers to identify problems in the regular classroom that appear to be interfering with a student's educational success by targeting teacher concerns and providing interventions to the teacher be implemented in the regular classroom.

The overall process is supported by the Albemarle County Office of Intervention and Prevention Services and implemented at each Albemarle County Public School. School Based Intervention Teams are one example of the professional learning community that exists in Albemarle County Schools.

More information on the School Based Intervention Team project can be found here.