Intro to RTI Model

Introduction to the MTSS Model

Framework Description

Whatever Happened to RTI?

Response to Intervention (commonly referred to as RTI) never went anywhere. Truth is, Albemarle County Public Schools, like many States in this country, realized RTI was a great effort to close the achievement gap and address the over identification of children for special education services. However, we all realized it wans't enough. RTI was very deficit oriented and squarely focused on the student and the child's response to intervention. There needed to be a more systems-oriented change to addressing student needs.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

In response to the somewhat positive news about RTI, a more comprehensive framework was proposed. It built on RTI, but emphasized all students, as well as the community, family, professional development, the school culture and leadership. All of these variable, which still includes RTI, are the focus of efforts for deep, sustained and positive change for teachers, students, families and schools across the division.

Below is a model, developed in Kansas, that captures the focus of MTSS, still recognizing how RTI fits within it. Efforts to improve outcomes requires all teachers, leaders families and student to work together across our division in order for us all to be successful!