Frequently Asked Questions

1)Where can a child or youth without a fixed, regular, and adequate residence attend school?

The school the child or youth attended before becoming homeless or was last enrolled (school of origin) or
The school in the attendance area where the child or youth is currently living.

2) How can delays be avoided when enrolling a student experiencing homelessness in school?

-Enroll the student immediately
-Contact the previous school and ask that the records be sent electronically or shared over the phone
-Contact the principal, school counselor, or Sharon Root with any concerns
-Contact Sharon Root to support unaccompanied youth when enrolling in school

3) Things to ask someone at your child's school or Sharon Root, Homeless Liaison:

What transportation is available for my child to stay in the same school?

Are school supplies available?

Will my child be able to go on class field trips if we are unable to pay?

If my child needs special education services, how long is the wait for testing?

If we have to change schools, can someone help us transfer records quickly?

Is there a preschool program?

Is there a summer school program?

How can my child receive free meals at school?

If you think you or your child may be eligible for help under the McKinney-Vento Education Act, please speak with someone at your school or call Sharon Root, 434-296-3872 ext. 8.