Teacher Apprenticeships


Teaching is now an approved, apprenticeable profession with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (VDOLI). The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) created apprenticeship to teacher licensure as a way to fill the gap left by decreased enrollment in collegiate level educator preparation programs (EPP). The Apprenticeship will help in response to the immediate and future needs for educators in the state of Virginia. 

Acronyms Used

VDOE - Virginia Department of Education
VDOLI - Virginia Department of Labor and Industry
RTI - Related Technical Instruction
EPP - Educator Preparation Program (JMU)
LEA - Local Education Agency (ACPS)
OJL - On-the-Job Learning
MT - Mentor Teacher - Planning, classroom instruction
AC - Apprenticeship Coordinator - Evaluation, focus for competencies, paperwork from EPP
APME - Apprenticeship Program Monitoring Event
ACPS - Albemarle County Public Schools
AST - Apprenticeship Support Team