​​Family, Community, and School Partnerships

Families, teachers, and administrators collaborate to promote children's literacy at Greer Elementary School​.

Collaboration graphic to support students

Children succeed when their families, communities, and schools work together to help them create and achieve their dreams. The EL Program actively seeks to cultivate partnerships with families and community members to support our students. Family members may volunteer in classrooms, organize school events, interpret or translate in their native languages, tutor after school, and support students' learning through collaboration with teachers. The EL program also needs families to provide input in the school and program decision-making process.​

Families with any questions, comments, or concerns — or who wish to volunteer — may contact the International & EL Welcome Center at 434-296-6517 and visit our EL Family Support webpage.

Una Entrevista con Kristen Eberly, Maestra de EL en la escuela Greer (en español)

In this interview, Kristen Eberly describes why she became an EL teacher in Albemarle County and how she works with her students to help them learn English and achieve at the highest academic levels.

En esta entrevista, Kristen Eberly describe por que ella decidió ser maestra de EL en el condado de Albemarle y como trabaja con sus alumnos para ayudarles a aprender inglés y obtener éxitos academicos.