English Learners participate in theatre.

Our curriculum was collaboratively developed by ACPS teachers and was adapted from the Ontario Curriculum for ESL, the WIDA Standards, Virginia SOLs, and our Lifelong Learner Competencies​.

EL teachers differentiate instruction based on the proficiency that students bring with them to each level.

Albemarle County EL Benchmarks

High School EL Curriculum Resources

High School EL Level I Curriculum

High School EL Level I Sample Pacing Guide

EL Recently Arrived EL Content Them​es

High School EL Level II Curricul​um

High School EL Level III Curriculum

Middle School EL Curriculum Resources

Middle School EL Level I Curriculum​

Middle School EL Level II Curriculum

Middle School EL Level III Curriuclum

Elementary EL Curriculum Resources

The Albemarle County elementary EL language goals provide a scope and sequence for language development. They allow teachers to assess what students are able to do and determine next steps for instruction​ across grade levels and language development. The quarterly EL goals also serve as a tool for communication among classroom and EL teachers to support effective collaboration.

ACPS ESOL Grades K-1 Goal Pacing - English

​ACPS ESOL Grades K-1 Goal Pacing - Español

ACPS ESOL Grades 2-3 Goal Pacing - English

​ACPS ESOL Grades 2-3 Goal Pacing - Español

ACPS ESOL Grades 4-5 Goal Pacing - English

​ACP​S ESOL Grades 4-5 Goal Pacing - Español​

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