Equity Tables

Defining Equity

The shared mission of our schools is to end the predictive value of race, class, gender, and special capacities on student success by working together with families and communities to ensure each individual student's success. Albemarle County Public School's Strategic Plan defines equity as "the provision of personalized resources needed for all individuals to reach common goals." 

Equity Tables

One way ACPS monitors equity is by reviewing key metrics as required in the Equity Education Policy. By looking for proportional representation within metrics associated with student success, equity data tables make it possible to see where some groups are overrepresented or underrepresented. Then, as a division and working with families and communities, we can take steps to remove barriers that prevent students from attaining success.

ACPS developed its first Equity Report in 2016, and presented results from a more comprehensive Equity Report in 2019 to its School Board, which incorporated its suggestions into the Learning for All Strategic Plan that currently guides the school division.

Link to Current Equity Tables

This link provides access to interactive dashboards on the following key metrics for equity in Albemarle County Public Schools:

  • On-Time Graduation Rates
  • SOL Results
  • Enrollment
  • Gifted Identification
  • Disciplinary Data
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Certification
  • Staff Demographics