Equity Conference 2021

Equity Conference, Purpose, Passion & Progress

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Our achievement and opportunity gaps must be addressed.  Recent statistics from the Virginia Department of Education show that our students of color and low-income students are performing at a lower level on Standards of Learning Assessments than similar demographic groups in the state of Virginia. Wide disparities exist in student race and income levels for those recommended and retained in Honors/Advanced classes in our Middle and High Schools.  Marginalized membership groups are disproportionately identified for Special Education, while under-identified for gifted services. African-American and Latino students are suspended, expelled, and drop out at a rate five times higher than other students. 

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Culturally responsive pedagogy for ACPS is designed to broaden our skills for educating to and through the background and experiences of all of our students to decrease knowledge-based and motivation-driven gaps.  Culturally Responsive Educators strive to engage students fully through relevant teaching and assessment.  It includes educator self-reflection that increases awareness of implicit bias and microaggressions, subtle forms of discrimination that are perceived by students of color and hinder achievement.


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