Self Reflection

Mindful Reflection Protocol

What: A Process for Checking Unconscious Bias

Who: All of us

Why: It enables teachers to become aware of and recognize their own biases when interpreting behavior in the classroom so that they can be more culturally responsive.

Cultural Responsiveness Continuum

What: A rubric for individuals, teams, or schools to self asses their cultural responsivity

Who: Teachers, administrators, other school personnel

Why: Choose a starting place for individuals or equity teams

Core Values Questions

What: A series of questions that help individuals begin to identify their cultural lens

Who: Anyone

Why: It can be hard to identify our cultural lens without prompting; these questions help begin

Cultural Dimensions of Learning Survey

What: A survey to help individuals identify their cultural lens across 8 dimensions

Who: Educators

Why: Knowing your cultural lens and the way it informs the educational environment you create can help educators teach “to and through” culture