Lesson Planning

CRT Lesson Plan Descriptor Details

What: Specific guidelines on how to implement each CRT descriptor

Who: Classroom Teacher

Why: Because you can’t remember it all!

Stages of Development in Racial and Cultural Identity

What: A map that describes how cultural identity develops, from infancy through young adulthood

Who: Classroom Teacher

Why: Use this when planning instruction that incorporates or references cultural identity

CRT Instructional Design

What: Determining the cultural make-up of your class and its implications for instructional design

Who: Teachers, coaches, administrators

Why: To know your audience and the best strategies for reaching them

Building a Culturally Responsive Lesson (pages 17-29)

What: Zaretta Hammond description of information processing stages, with a variety of suggestions to support the “elaboration” phase in ways that appeal to diverse learners

Who: Teachers and instructional coaches diversifying their toolbox for supporting the “elaboration” or “chew” phase of learning

Why: This quick run through key points from Zaretta Hammond's work will acquaint teachers with culturally responsive considerations when planning lessons.