Class of 2022 Graduation Rate Has Now Exceeded State Average in 14 of Past 15 Years; Nearly Two-Thirds of Grads Earn Highest Diploma

Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) announced today that the on-time graduation rate for the Class of 2022 was 94.3%, surpassing this year’s statewide rate for all Virginia graduates of 92.1%. The on-time graduation rate measures the percentage of students who earn a diploma within four years of entering ninth grade. The rate was first calculated by the state in 2008, and graduating seniors in ACPS have exceeded the statewide rate in 14 of the 15 years since then.

In another key academic category, 64% of all ACPS graduates received an Advanced Studies Diploma, which is earned each year by graduates who take the most rigorous academic courses. The statewide rate was 53%.

School division graduates in individual student demographic groups also did well in comparison to their peers across Virginia. Among Hispanic students, students with disabilities, students from economically disadvantaged homes, and English Learners, on-time graduation rates in the division were higher in each group than the average rates across Virginia. Among Black students, the division’s on-time graduation rate matched the statewide average of 90.3%.

Individual school highlights include Monticello High School’s 93.3% on-time graduation rate for Black students; Western Albemarle’s rate of 92.9% for Hispanic students; and the 95.1% on-time graduation rate for students with disabilities at Albemarle High School.

The division also had a lower dropout rate than Virginia’s average for all school divisions. Led by a rate of less than one percent at Western Albemarle, the overall dropout rate for the division was 3.9%, compared to the statewide rate of 5.2%.

Also this week, ACPS released the college readiness scores for its graduates who took SAT tests earlier this year. Research shows that students who meet or exceed this College Board benchmark have a strong likelihood for success in credit-bearing college work. Better than eight out of 10 seniors (85%) in the school division met the College Board benchmark, compared to 83% of seniors in Virginia and 68% of seniors across the country.

Next year, the school division will be expanding its career readiness program offerings to all students in grades 10-12. The division is providing open admission to any sophomore, junior or senior in career learning communities. Each career learning community represents professional areas with the highest potential for high-quality job opportunities, both locally and nationally. They are based upon state research and division surveys of middle school students over the past four years.

Currently, the division has four academies, one for math, engineering and science; one dedicated to health and medical services; one that focuses on environmental studies; and one for information and communications technology. Each will now become a career learning community, joined by concentrated student project-based studies in:

  • Architecture, urban design, and building construction;
  • The arts;
  • Education and human development;
  • Entrepreneurship, business and innovation;
  • Geospatial technology, analytics, logistics, and transportation;
  • Global leadership, law and social justice; and
  • Hospitality, eateries, amusement, and recreation and tourism.

Next spring, for the third consecutive year, the school division will offer, free of charge, SAT tests to all juniors. The test will be administered at every high school during the morning of Wednesday,
March 22, a regular school day. Information on how to register for the test will be provided to parents well in advance of the February 28 registration deadline.

While many colleges and universities no longer require SAT scores and we do not include them on student transcripts, taking the SAT can be helpful to college and university admission and often will advance a student’s candidacy for admission if the student’s grade point average (GPA) does not accurately represent the quality of their work or potential. Additionally, yesterday, high schools administered PSAT tests for all sophomores and juniors. The PSAT test offers students an excellent opportunity to assess their college readiness, qualify for scholarships, and prepare for the SAT test. Juniors who take the PSAT can qualify for National Merit Scholarships.

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