ACPS Appoints Experienced STEM Educator & Administrator as Director of Center I

Jeff Prillaman

Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) has appointed Jeff Prillaman as the new Director of Center I. Prillaman succeeds Michael Craddock, who became the principal of Lakeside Middle School on July 1 of this year.

Prillaman began his employment at ACPS in 1999, where he taught math, science, engineering and design. Starting in 2008, he spent seven years as the Director of the ACPS Math, Engineering & Science Academy (MESA). During that time, he placed a great deal of emphasis on student choice in the classroom in combination with innovative and creative project ideas among students.

Based on MESA’s success, Prillaman went on to become the ACPS Specialty Center Planner in 2019. During that phase of his career, his responsibilities included developing policies for Center I, evaluating its instructional programs, and contributing to the hiring process. This gave him a valuable understanding of Center I students as well as the administrative side of operating a non-traditional educational center. In an announcement to families about the appointment, Dr. Clare Keiser, Assistant Superintendent for Organizational Development, said, “Mr. Prillaman was involved closely in the planning process that led to Center I’s opening, and I know you will find his collaborative management style and his strong advocacy for students very helpful in the coming year.”

“For me,” Prillaman shared, “leading the Center I team is a return to what has long inspired me about education and its potential to improve the engagement, capabilities and successes of our students.”
Of his upcoming first months at Center I, Prillaman went on to say, “I am most interested in learning more about students’ and families’ experiences and expectations for the center and their suggestions for how it can improve. I am also firmly committed to expanding an outreach program that will bring in more culturally and professionally diverse points of view in order to expand the valued counsel and participation of community partners.”

Prillaman’s appointment is effective immediately.

Pictured: Jeff Prillaman

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