Family Life Education Curriculum

The following message was shared with families of students in grades 4-10.

Dear Families,

At our school board meeting last night, our board received recommendations for our Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum. Each school division has the option of appointing a community involvement team, including parents and secondary students, to review their FLE program and to promote community involvement with Family Life Education. The Virginia Board of Education guidelines assure that parents have opportunities each year to review the FLE program and to opt their children out of all or part of the program.

You can click here to view the presentation we shared with our school board yesterday evening. Twice each year, Family Life educators send our families an opt-out form. This form provides families with information regarding the goals and values of our FLE curriculum, including the standards that will be taught to students by grade level. This form is shared with families once in the fall and again two weeks prior to the beginning of Family Life classes. The form also provides you with the various participation options.

At their work session on Thursday, September 22, our school board is expected to adopt the 2022-23 Family Life Education curriculum for our school division.

Please feel free to contact your school principal if you have any questions.