Happy National Principals' Month!

During the month of October, communities around the nation come together to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their schools' principals for National Principals' Month.

Here in Albemarle County, our school leaders have consistently showed determination and grit through every challenge of the last 18 months. So, to thank them for their commitment to our students' success, the members of our school board sent each school principal the following letter:


October 14, 2021

Dear Principals,

The National Association of Elementary School Principals says it best on their web site, noting in part, that this “past year and a half ushered in some dark days, yet principals across the country have persisted as beacons of light. With every new challenge, they’ve led their learning communities forward with bold leadership.”

This certainly applies to principals at every education level and while the pandemic disrupted our learning environments, it called forth from each of our principals, a filled potential for greatness.

We are so grateful, both for your selfless leadership, and for this opportunity, National Principals Month, to share our admiration for your contributions as the leader of your school.  Service that knows no limitations on the hours of the day, the days of the week or the weeks of the year. 

There are many names throughout history associated with education excellence, perhaps none more important, yet more obscure than Ezekiel Cheever.  Arriving in Boston in 1637, he was one of the earliest school principals in the life of what would become a nation of more than 125,000 schools.  He served for an astounding 70 years, 38 as the head of the prestigious Boston Latin Grammar School.

Cheever has been described as an intellectual mentor, cultural leader and an institution builder.  And nearly 500 years later, the same can be said about you.  The most lasting contribution Ezekiel Cheever made to his community is counted in the graduates who became many of our most influential political and community leaders. 

So, it surely will be with your graduates.  They will develop to become the mentors, leaders and builders of their time.  We will owe you a great deal for the process that you helped set in motion.  

Thank you for your collaboration and leadership with your staff, families and students in promoting our values of equity, wellness, excellence, family and community.  Thank you for every day, turning small thoughts into big ones.  Thank you for keeping our students, families and staff safe.


Graham Paige, Chair
Samuel Miller Magisterial District

Katrina Callsen, Vice-Chair
Rio Magisterial District

Dr. Kate Acuff
Jack Jouett Magisterial District

Judy Le
Rio Magisterial District

Ellen Moore Osborne
Scottsville Magisterial District

David Oberg
White Hall Magisterial District

Jonno Alcaro