ACPS in the News - May 2022

The Monticello High School softball team recently held a fundraiser for breast cancer research to honor their coach, Heidi Freitager, who is recovering from breast cancer.
» CBS19: Monticello softball raises awareness and support for breast cancer research, inspired by their coach

In May, ACPS held a We Notice ceremony for transportation employees who received awards. CBS19 crews visited to speak with our drivers about the continued bus shortage.
» CBS19: Local school division making no headway in hiring bus drivers

Last week, the Crozet Library hosted a student art show.
» NBC29: Crozet Library hosting first ACPS K-12 art show

Friday, May 6 was School Lunch Hero Day! We caught up with the Child Nutrition staff at Greer Elementary to talk to them about why they love working in our cafeterias.
» ACPS: "Happy School Lunch Hero Day!"

May 2 to May 6 was National Teacher Appreciation Week!
» NBC29: "Albemarle Co. nonprofit giving back to teachers all week"
» ACPS: "Celebrating Our Teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Week!"

On Tuesday, we honored 42 local educators who received Golden Apple awards this year!
»NBC29: "Charlottesville and Albemarle Co. honor Golden Apple recipients"
»ACPS: "2021-22 Golden Apple Award Ceremony"

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and students and Western Albemarle are using this time to make sure to focus on some self care.
» NBC29: "Service dogs assisting students through exams in Albemarle Co."
» ACPS: "WAHS Students De-Stress Before Exam Season for Mental Health Awareness Month"

As a part of our budget for the upcoming year, ACPS is investing in several school projects to address different needs throughout the division.
»NBC29: "Albemarle Co. planning on roughly $10M for school projects"

Greer Elementary unveiled a new garden on Friday aimed at helping offset food insecurity for some families.
»NBC29: "New community garden at Greer Elementary School helping to mitigate food insecurity"
» ACPS: "Greer Unveils New Garden at School"

ACPS is buying a new type of bus to help ease the strain of the driver shortage.
» NBC29: "ACPS buying 'Type A' buses as driver recruiting tactic"
» CBS19: "ACPS buys two buses that don't require drivers to have CDLs"

May 11 was National School Nurse Day! Did you thank your school nurse?
» ACPS: "School Nurses, We Thank You!"
» NBC29: "Baker-Butler Elementary School celebrates Nurse Emily Sims"
» CBS19: "Marking 50th anniversary of National School Nurse Day"

School Board members Dr. Kate Acuff and Katrina Callsen joined career counselor Caroline Bertrand from Western Albemarle High School to do a tandem jump from the Golden Knights' plane on May 19.
» NBC29: "ACPS Board members and employees skydive with Golden Knights"

ACPS is fully transitioning our of our leveling program, creating more equal opportunities for our students.
» NBC29: "ACPS creating equal opportunities in the classroom"

To honor Mental Health Awareness Month, many buildings around Charlottesville and surrounding areas are lighting up green. School Board member Dr. Acuff spoke at the lighting ceremony at the McIntire County Office Building on May 16.
» NBC29: "Albemarle County leaders light up County Office Building green for Mental Health Awareness Month"

Two MoHS seniors have started a petition asking Virginia legislators to remain part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
» CBS19: "MHS seniors launch petition calling for Virginia to remain in RGGI"