A Thank You to Our School Principals

Dear Families, Students and Staff: 

Governor Ralph Northam signed a proclamation designating this week as Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week.

In the proclamation, he speaks of principals being leaders, inspirations to their school community, and sharing the responsibility of our educators to guide children through learning and growing at school. I know I speak for our school communities across our county—there is not a team of educators more representative of our Governor’s affirmation than our team right here in Albemarle County.

In my check-in with staff this past Friday, I said:

“As the year has progressed, I see each day that we can have schools open; each day, each student is able to come to school and go home well after a day of hard work and play with you; and, each day you — Albemarle’s educators and support staff — are able to be safe at work and see your plans turn into learning and go home well, as a success for our community. Lately, our progress feels like one step forward and two steps back, but I believe that in spite of the setbacks caused by COVID19, you are having a truly positive impact on your students and their families and, as a result, keeping our whole community moving forward a few steps at a time.”

Our principals remain a powerful catalyst for our collective progress by working in collaboration with educators and support staff and families.

With much gratitude for the positive difference our principals make in our lives every day.

Dr. Matthew S. Haas
Albemarle County Public Schools