Maintenance Department

A blue and gray badge that reads "Anti-Racism Policy Orientation, 100% Staff Participation, Maintenance Shop."

The Maintenance Team provides repair, preventive maintenance, and grounds maintenance to more than 2,331,000 square feet of building space and 631 acres of grounds.  School personnel are able to submit maintenance requests via email, telephone, or by contacting the lead custodian.

Work Order Requests

School personnel may submit maintenance requests by contacting the Building Manager/Lead Custodian at each school. The Building Manager or Lead Custodian will determine if they are able to complete the request, or if the request should be forwarded to the Work Order Coordinator at the Building Services Department.  Administrators and designated staff may also submit non-emergency work requests by emailing the request to  Please be sure to include specifics, such as room number or exact location, and please include the date that you would like the request to be completed.  

Emergency work requests are those issues that require an immediate response to safety or building concerns.  During regular work hours, emergency requests should be called in to the Work Order Coordinator - Terrance Minor at 975-9344 (or x 11034).  After regular work hours, emergency work requests should be called in to the Emergency Cell Phone at 434-218-8598

Monthly work order reports are available for school administration to review.  If you would like to receive such a report, either on a routine basis or by special request, you may contact Terrance Minor, Work Order Coordinator, at, or at 975-9344 (or x11034)

Please do not hesitate to contact Lindsay Snoddy, Director of Building Services, or Jeff Rohm, Assistant Director of Operations, at 975-9340 if you would like additional information regarding work requests.

Lindsay Snoddy, Deputy Director of Building Services

Jeff Rohm, Assistant Director of Operations, Building Services