Instructional Areas: Hazardous Chemicals Clean-out

June 2005 Clean Out

In an effort to reduce the amount of potentially hazardous chemicals in our classrooms and laboratories, Albemarle County Public Schools hired a certified vendor to remove approximately 800 pounds of unusable chemicals from the middle and high schools during the summer of 2005.  The removed chemicals were then "recycled" since the vendor remixes, resells, or reuses these chemicals as reagents.  Most of the chemicals removed are ones that the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) recommends that Virginia schools either restrict or consider removing from classrooms and laboratories.  Other chemicals were removed in order to maintain compliance with Appendix H of our Chemical Hygiene Plan for Instructional Areas.

Future chemical disposal events will be coordinated periodically, as needed; this is outlined in the "Chemical Disposal" procedure of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.