Energy Star

Did you know that a building can earn the ENERGY STAR label just like your refrigerator?  An ENERGY STAR qualified facility meets strict energy performance standards set by EPA and uses less energy, is less expensive to operate, and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers.  Energy use in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption in the U.S. at a cost of over $200 billion per year, more than any other sector of the economy.

Understanding the energy use of a building is important--just as it's useful to know the estimated miles per gallon for your automobile.  ENERGY STA provides tools to help measure the energy use of facilities and to compare to similar facilities. The building score is calculated based on a scale of 1-100.  Buildings that score a 75 or greater may qualify for the ENERGY STAR.

View a list of the ACPS ENERGY STAR ratings for our schools.

Who is an ENERGY STAR?

  • Agnor-Hurt Elementary (2010)
  • Albemarle High (2010)
  • Baker-Butler Elementary (2010)
  • Broadus Wood Elementary (2010)
  • Brownsville Elementary (2011)
  • Burley Middle (2010)
  • Cale Elementary (2009,2011)
  • Crozet Elementary (2010)
  • Greer Elementary (eligible)
  • Henley Middle (2009,2010)
  • Hollymead Elementary (2010)
  • Jouett Middle (2009,2010)
  • Murray Elementary (2010)
  • Murray High (eligible)
  • Red Hill Elementary (2009,2011)
  • Scottsville Elementary (2010)
  • Stone-Robinson Elementary (2010)
  • Stony Point Elementary (2009,2011)
  • Sutherland Middle (2009,2011)
  • Walton Middle (2010)
  • Woodbrook Elementary (2010)
  • Yancey Elementary (2009,2011)

View the map of all labeled ENERGY STAR Schools in Virginia.