Drinking Water Management

Albemarle County Public Schools holds a Virginia Class VI Waterworks Operating License for its few schools with drinking water wells. The Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) administers this license, and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) regulates the quality and operation of the drinking water wells. The Albemarle County Public Schools Building Services Department manages the drinking water wells on a day-to-day basis.

Why are we categorized as "Class VI"?

Class VI is known as the "Very Small Water Works" category.  Albemarle County Public Schools falls into this category due to its relatively small population for the schools with drinking water wells that it serves.

Which schools are on wells?
  • Broadus Wood Elementary
  • Virginia Murray Elementary
  • Walton Middle
  • Scottsville Elementary
  • Stony Point Elementary
Safe Drinking Water 

Our ultimate goal is to provide students and employees with an adequate supply of safe, potable drinking water, and the confidence that their water is safe to drink.  To this end, we follow all federal and state requirements for drinking water chemical monitoring, sampling, record keeping and reporting.

Chemical Monitoring

To ensure adequate disinfection, we treat our water with chlorine. For corrosion control, we utilize soda ash and a polyphosphate.  This treatment is closely monitored on a weekly basis, and adjustments are made to the chemical levels based on weekly testing data.  Levels of chlorine in our drinking water are tested and recorded weekly, and this information is submitted to the Virginia Department of Health.

Sampling for Contaminants
Coliform Bacteria

As required by the Virginia Department of Health, we sample monthly for the presence of coliform bacteria in the schools listed above.  Due to our disinfection practices and careful chemical monitoring, it is a very rare occurrence to have a "positive" coliform test in any of our schools.  If this should happen in the future, we will notify all school-affiliated persons affected by this occurrence, and take immediate steps to correct the issue.  All bacteria sampling records are kept in the Building Services Department.

Other Contaminants

VDH also requires that we periodically sample for levels of the following contaminants in our drinking water: lead, copper, nitrates, cyanide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), inorganic compounds, and metals.  The Assistant Director for Environmental, Health & Safety for Albemarle County Public Schools maintains compliance with the sampling requirements.  As with bacteria sampling, any exceeding level of a contaminant found to exceed the exposure standard limit will be communicated to all affected members of the community, and appropriate corrective action taken immediately.  

Questions & Concerns:

If you have general questions or concerns about Drinking Water in your school, please contact the Building Services Department at (434) 975-9340.