Athletics Vaccination Requirement

Beginning November 8, the school division will be requiring all students who are participating in Virginia High School League (VHSL) winter and spring athletic programs to first submit proof of full vaccination against the COVID-19 virus or a negative COVID-19 test each week.  

This includes all ‘out-of-season’ workouts as well as club sports like Mountain Biking and Rowing. This does not include VHSL activities at this time (including Debate, Forensics, Theatre, Scholastic Bowl, eSports).

NOTE: Please understand that due to an increase in demand for COVID-19 testing, it may be difficult to find testing for unvaccinated students. Proof of a negative test result each week is still required for unvaccinated students to participate. Families will be responsible for the cost of individual testing.

Submit Proof of Vaccine

Please present your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (actual or photo) or CLICK HERE for a printout of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to your School Nurse no later than November 8.

Submit Negative Test Results

In order for unvaccinated athletes to participate in practices or games, a negative COVID-19 test result (Rapid or PCR) must be submitted to your School Nurse prior to the first day of tryouts and each Wednesday by 4 p.m. thereafter. No results from over-the-counter testing products will be accepted. A negative test dated November 1 or later must be presented to participate on November 8.

If a negative COVID-19 test is not produced by that time, the unvaccinated student will not be allowed to participate in practices or games for that week.

Frequently Asked Questions