Strategic Plan


Learning for All


Our learners are engaged in authentic, challenging, and relevant learning experiences, becoming lifelong contributors and leaders in our dynamic and diverse society.


Working together as a team, we will end the predictive value of race, class, gender, and special capacities for our children’s success through high-quality teaching and learning for all. We seek to build relationships with families and communities to ensure that every student succeeds.

We will know every student.


Equity: We will provide every student with the level of support necessary to thrive.

Excellence: We will mitigate barriers and provide opportunities for every student to be academically successful.

Family and Community: We will engage with and share the responsibility for student success with families and community partners.

Wellness: We will support the physical and emotional health of our students and staff.


In order to facilitate Thriving Students, ACPS will facilitate learning experiences grounded in high expectations, networks of care, and student curiosity to ensure academic and social-emotional development for all students while eliminating opportunity, access, and achievement gaps. Emphasizing networks of care, high expectations, and student curiosity constitute the major levers for realizing this goal. Sample strategies to carry out these intentions include the provision of a guaranteed and viable curriculum, culturally responsive teaching, and the recognition that academic requirements need to allow space and time for students to pursue other interests outside of school.

Affirming and Empowering Communities is about strengthening the social context of the environment in which ACPS community works. When we embolden the ACPS community members and the ties that bind them to one another, there is little we can’t achieve together for the benefit of our students. Affirming and empowering communities means developing a culturally responsive environment that will respect and champion the diversity of life experiences of all stakeholders and supports the physical and mental health of our students, staff, and families so they are actively empowered to engage in our school community. Examples of strategies to carry out this goal include removing barriers for participation in programs, implementing social-emotional curriculum, and identifying community partners to help increase adult education enrollment

Equitable, Transformative Resources concerns the intentional flow of critical, equitably distributed human, financial, technological, and other resources to the students and teachers for transformative learning to take place. Getting the right resources to the educators and students for their teaching and learning is key for our success. Samples of this work include implementing a highly competitive compensation structure, developing long range plans for addressing over-crowding issues, and initiating an education foundation for equitably funding supplemental school budgets.

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